New Jersey Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov was elected to lead Russia’s Right Choice party on Saturday. (Mike Strobe/Getty Images North America)

That’s may be the rallying cry of New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov who last Saturday was elected to lead Russia’s Right Cause political party.

With 46-year-old “bachelor billionaire” said he will await the results of parliamentary elections in December before deciding whether a run for office would be worth the effort.

In his speech Saturday, Prokhorov defined his party’s goals as promoting viable capitalism in Russia and becoming a player in a new multi-party government system that could reduce the influence of Prime Minister Vladi­mir Putin.

“We should have at least two parties. Now, there is one. Any political monopoly, and any other monopoly, spiritual, natural or economic, is our main opponent. It is in every schoolbook — a monopoly is the enemy of all development.”

Prokhorov stopped short of declaring his party an opposition to Putin’s rule, and he said while Putin is not always in agreement with United Russia, he would hesitate to criticize the Prime Minister openly.

That’s not to say Prokhorov hasn’t stirred the pot.

"Our country is called the Russian Federation, but by structure it is an empire. Only presidential power works here, and this kind of governance cannot provide stability let alone development."

With an estimated worth of $18 billion, Prokhorov became the majority owner of the Nets last May. And this foray into politics begs the question: if Prokhorov somehow ousts Putin and becomes Russian Prime Minister Prokhorov, will LeBron James take his talents to Brooklyn in 2012?

Mark Cuban, you’re on the clock for 2016.