In the first dispatch from what promises to be a dreary, football-less summer, the NFL has canceled the rookie symposium, according to ESPN and the NFL Network.

As Adam Schefter reports, the event, set to begin June 26 in Canton, Ohio, is believed to be the first on the league calendar to be called off because of the lockout that began March 11. The symposium is NFL 101 for rookies, teaching them on- and off-the-field lessons. So, when the season begins — and it has to begin, right? — they’ll need to learn all of those things. As well as an NFL playbook. And, oh, get signed first.

The cancellation also means that hungry football fans are left to greedily lap up images of players working out at off-site facilities, looking for all the world like halftime entertainment and not honest-to-God fubballers. Who knew we’d miss OTAs this much?