This is a fairly easy one. It’s the regula -season opener, which is Week 1 of the NFL season. (Courtesy Baltimore Ravens)

Imagine the phone calls. “Honey, I need you to bring the Ravens tickets for Game 8 to the stadium. I thought this was Game 9. Yeah, it’s the one with John Harbaugh....I think. Yes, I know it’s Week 12, but this is Game 8. And yes, I know it’s their sixth home game. Just look for Harbaugh.”

Because of the lockout, the Ravens say they had no choice but to print season tickets minus dates and times. And, to boot, the games are numbered in order of the team’s 10 games (including preseason). So Week 9 of the season won’t correspond to Game 9. Game 9 is actually Week 14.

The Ravens, in a letter from Baker Koppelman, vice-president of ticket sales and operations, to season ticket holders, listed the possible contingencies created by the lockout:

“a loss of games that would not be rescheduled; the potential of moving the first two regular games to the end of the schedule; playing the third regular season game in place of the bye week; the possibility that the season would be played in its entirety with different dates for    games; the potential of reworking the schedule if the season had been shortened; an 18-game regular-season schedule with just two preseason games.

“All of these factors made it difficult to commit to doing anything more than providing a very basic ticket that could be adapted to any scheduling circumstance. This concept is the same as you may have experienced with playoff tickets in baseball or hockey.”

All in all, it’s probably the best way the Ravens, who explain which ticket applies to which game pretty clearly on their website, could have handled an uncertain situation. Koppelman goes on to “suggest that, in addition to printing this document for your reference, you consider placing your tickets and parking passes, if applicable, in envelopes marked with each game date so as to avoid any last-minute confusion prior to coming to the stadium.”

And be really, really alert when buying them from others.