It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who the big losers in the NFL labor dispute are going to be: it’s the fans.

“We can’t look to settled law to try to predict what’s going to happen because this will create the law,” Gabe Feldman of the Tulane University sports law program told Judy Battista of the New York Times. “As a sports fan, this is a terrible time. As a sports law professor, this is pretty great stuff.”

See? Ugh. “If the NFL and NFLPA can’t get this solved, they can’t blame the fans. But they will answer to us in the coming weeks,” Brian Frederick of the Sports Fans Coalition promises, via Twitter.

How are you feeling as a lockout seems a foregone conclusion? Via Twitter today, fans said:

@thebrowncoat: The fans. Also the #Redskins because labor disputes = SUPER BOWL.

@fanatchicks: as a bizwoman i get the drive for profit by owners but GREED is not a good reason to screw your workforce #LetThemPlay

@davechen: Players all the way! They’re the ones sacrificing their bodies and their minds over very short careers.

@damienwoods: Its not about sides. Its about compromise. There needs to be give on both sides of any labor dispute for anyone to win. #nfl

@ProSportsForums: I’m on my side. It costs me a minimum of $1000 to take my family to a game. A fortune for me, a pittance for those arguing $9Bn

@calbears96: can Newman be the arbiter?

@Sand2Stone: I side against whoever I feel is causing my team to not play. Players in past when on strike & now owners when they lockout.

@AndrewDeFrank: I don’t care who wins. I JUST WANT FOOTBALL!

@DCHokiefan: owners all day. #antiunionsentiment

@d_ericsson: Call me boring, but not on anyone’s side! Feel both parties are trying to hold on to an extreme rather than about-right middle.

@hannnahkl: There are a bunch of players making league min who get nothing during lockout;owners get paid regardless.Have to side w/players.

@theRyanRice: is anyone in the general public not on the players’ side?!?!

@CALEBC33: personally I’m on the “get this thing over with” side!

@RealRedskins: Neither. They’re both trying to win, so everyone is losing. #NFL”

@DArkMEATHOOK:</a> I always side with labor over management

@sdo1: A POX on BOTH of them.

@agupta20854: I’m on the fans side. Don’t care what they do Mar-Aug. Just play in September!

@Burgundy: Hard to take a “side” when they just go around in circles.

@mikedusak: players. Owners make insane amounts of money as is, they treat the players like dirt and get away with it

@lightness314: The players deserve more...