Jeff Pash (center) with Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson (left) and Roger Goodell. (John Amis / REUTERS)

“We expect that we will have testing for HGH,” Pash told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “I think that both sides believe that's important for the integrity of the game and that we should continue to be leaders here. I think that's a view that's strongly held by the players as it by us.”

That is contingent upon approval by players, who have not yet agreed to a collective bargaining agreement with owners.

According to Pash, testing would be immediate — as soon as there is a season, that is. “It will take some time to get that ramped up, but we would hope that it could be ramped up by the start of the season.”

Players presently are given one blood test each year — in the training camp physical. Experts disagree about the accuracy of HGH testing, which is conducted on blood rather than urine. In the past, the union has drawn the line at blood testing. In April, Commissioner Roger Goodell sought to demystify HGH tests by submitting to one.