View Photo Gallery: M.D. Jennings should have had a game-ending touchdown. Instead, the Green Bay Packers lost in Seattle.

What, exactly, should NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, as representative of the owners, do in the aftermath of the Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks debacle?

What can he do?

There is, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells Pro Football Talk, no appeal process, which means the outcome of the game won’t be changed. As for whether there might be a statement about movement toward a deal that would end the lockout of referees that began in June, well, it would be a mistake to hold your breath, if comments by owners are any indication.


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones professed his obliviousness in a radio interview.

“I just read a little note in the paper that the Seahawks pulled it out,” he told KRLD — and quickly segued into praise for the Seahawks.

Nor is Jones particularly tuned into the degree of anger and ill will this lockout is generating among fans, saying that the league is “very much working to get this resolved and will continue to work to get this resolved.”

He then sought to remind everybody that, hey, the league has only three undefeated teams, but was pulled back to the Topic of the Day.

“We can have all kinds of what-ifs,” Jones said. “We’ve played three games and we’ve got 16 to play. It’s exciting. It gives us a lot to talk about on our shows that we have. 

“But fundamentally, when I look at where the league is over the first three ballgames, it’s great. Lot of competition.”

And San Francisco 49ers chief executive officer Jed York blithely tweeted:

Good night hanging with family & friends in Youngstown. Did I miss anything on #MNF

— Jed York (@JedYork) September 25, 2012

Perhaps both are working tirelessly, quietly behind the scenes to end the lockout of referees.

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