The NFL Players Association will meet today to decide just what it will do about the first round of the NFL draft, which is one month from today.

With NFL players locked out by owners, the ceremony in which the top college players are invited to New York for the prime-time show at Radio City Music Hall isn’t likely to take its traditional form. (You know the one: Roger Goodell calls out the team’s draft choice, the player comes up and poses for pictures with the commish, a jersey and a cap. Traditionally, a lot of Jets fans are present.) Just what form it will take, though, is unclear. Earlier reports have indicated that the players might hold a ceremony at another locale and have veterans greet each draft choice as Goodell announces his name. There are, however, multiple options that will be considered. From Peter King at

The one thing I feel sure about, though, is that it will have a welcome-to-the-family feel, with current players welcoming new players to pro football. And aside from a potential live-TV element, it also will have a live-streaming portion to it, which the players have used several times in the past few weeks to get their message out to the public. Their unfiltered message.

King reports that the league is going directly to college players to invite them and their families to New York and mentions Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn specifically. Clayborn tweeted over the weekend: “Just got my invitation to radio city on April 28th!!! Decisions decisions! To be with my family and friends or to experience sometimes [sic] I always wanted to! Tough tough.”