View Photo Gallery: Peyton Manning makes the Broncos prime-time worthy.

The NFL released the 2012 schedule Tuesday night ... all 256 glorious, intriguing games of it.

Some games, though, offer more than others ... feel free to disagree with this top five.

Isaac Redman and Art Rooney II (Christopher Horner / AP)

Week 2: Lions at 49ers  Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz will have to greet one another at midfield and this one will be analyzed more closely than the Zapruder film. (This one already has a

Week 3: Patriots at Ravens The schedule has few pure revenge games, but this certainly is one for Baltimore after the way the AFC Championship game ended.

View Photo Gallery: The Redskins will play a Thanksgiving game in Dallas.

Week 5: Broncos at Patriots  There is not one single, compelling reason to miss a Peyton Manning-Tom Brady matchup. If they’re both startin’, this one must be DVRin’.

Week 12: 49ers at Saints  Their NFC playoff game was thrilling and there’s that whole Bounty thing...

Bonus: Thanksgiving Day. All of it. Texans-Lions, Redskins-Cowboys, Patriots-Jets. This means that Sunday’s slate will probably disappoint, but who cares?

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