Something for everybody in Carolina. (Bob Leveron / APe)

Arizona at Washington: The matchup isn’t a big deal just for Tim Hightower. Darnell Dockett has some motivation, too. And Larry Fitzgerald seems to have enjoyed the trip, at least so far.

Chicago at New Orleans: Brian Urlacher will play an emotional game, but don’t you take Gregg Williams over Jay Cutler in the battle of wits?

Oakland at Buffalo: Poor Raiders. They have to play the late game Monday night, then go to Buffalo for a 1 p.m. game. Al Davis should sue.

Seattle at Pittsburgh: Since 1990, 87.6 percent of the teams that started 0-2 have gone on to miss the playoffs. Only thing better today for Pittsburgh than this matchup would be a French toast brunch.

Baltimore at Tennessee: Remember when these two teams hooked up in some of the hardest-hitting games imaginable? Me, too.

Green Bay at Carolina: Cam Newton played well Week 1. This caused great frothing at the mouth by the People — Usually Former Players — Paid to Evaluate the NFL on TV. Let’s check this one around 4:15.

Kansas City at Detroit: I pulled a hammy jumping off the Chiefs bandwagon. I’m blaming Jim Zorn. Calvin Johnson is a go.

Cleveland at Indianapolis The Browns’ plane got stuck in some mud when the pilot miscalculated as he taxied to a runway. See the Tweets of Josh Cribbs for the real-time details of the alternately scary and irksome situation: “We are now on a super small plane 3 to a ro, cranky, & irritated...Somebody gotta pay!!! Indy we coming 4u!”

Tampa Bay at Minnesota: The Christian Ponder timetable may be accelerating at breakneck pace.

Jacksonville at New York Jets: Despite knee and quadriceps issues,Santonio Holmes will be active. Jags WR Jason Hill will not get a chance to introduce himself to Darrelle Revis.

4 p.m. games

San Diego at New England: Chad Ochocinco should take note of the old saying — “those who can, do; those who can’t, tweet.”

Dallas at San Francisco: They’re debating on the NFL Network whether Tony Romo is a winner. This is a surprisingly lengthy conversation.

Houston at Miami: Chad Henne passed for over 400 yards Monday night. That and four dollars got him a grande cappucino at Starbucks on Tuesday. As for Arian Foster, the “anti-awesomeness” in his leg is much better and he’ll get some touches.

Cincinnati at Denver: No Knowshon. Billboards aside, no Tebow either.

Sunday night

Philadelphia at Atlanta: There’s a Michael Vick angle of some sort to this game. Gosh, I hope someone reports on it.

Monday night

St. Louis at New York Giants: Sam Bradford has a Michael Jackson glove; the Giants have need of a win. Hakeem Nicks, hurt in New York’s loss to the Redskins last week, will be a game-time decision. The big question: Can Ron Jaworski temper his excitementthis week? For the kids.