Antonio Gates (right) is out of the picture for San Diego. (Stephan Savoia / AP)

Tight end Antonio Gates was listed as questionable on Friday’s injury report, but Pro Football Talk reports that Gates will not play today against the Kansas City Chiefs because of a lingering foot injury.

Gates, ineffective in the Chargers’ loss to New England last week after catching eight passes for 74 yards in the opener, missed practice Wednesday and Thursday and left early Friday.

Injuries may seem to be contagious, but they can’t compare to strep throat, which is why Madden cover guy and Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis missed practice Friday. He is expected to play today, though.

Here’s the lowdown, while we await further updates:

The 1 p.m. lineup

New York Giants at Philadelphia: Michael Vick will play against the Giants’ M*A*S*H unit. If the Giants punt to DeSean Jackson again, Tom Coughlin may commit murder, a possibility that adds compelling intrigue.

Houston at New Orleans: Reports indicate Arian Foster is likely to be out, which presents problems in both the real and fantasy worlds.

Denver at Tennessee: Running back Chris Johnson, who practiced Friday and is listed as probable, is expected to play today. He has sore ribs and has yet to deliver after signing a $53 million deal.

Detroit at Minnesota: Facing Detroit’s defense isn’t exactly what Donovan McNabb needs right now. While the same can be said for any QB, it’s especially true for Donovan McNabb. Lions have lost 13 straight in Metrodome.

San Francisco at Cincinnati: Wide receiver Jerome Simpson, who made headlines this week because of a drug bust at his home, is expected to play.

New England at Buffalo: It would be fun if this battle of the NFL’s offensive juggernauts turned into a 6-3 game. It won’t. Patrick Chung and Albert Haynesworth are out for the Pats. One of these things is a bigger deal than the other. Buffalo has lost 15 straight to NE.

Miami at Cleveland: Reggie Bush said the Saints faked injuries.

Jacksonville at Carolina: Rookie QB fun! It’s Blaine Gabbert vs. Cam Newton.

The 4 p.m. (or thereabouts) lineup

New York Jets at Oakland: If this turns out to be one of those goofy weeks of inexplicable upsets, Oakland will win. Feels too early for that, though.

Kansas City at San Diego: Chances of seeing *Norv Face* today? Slim. Chiefs added Jamaal Charles to the IR list this week.

Baltimore at St. Louis: Steven Jackson is a game-time decision for the Rams.

Arizona at Seattle: No offense, Seahawks, but you have no offense.

Green Bay at Chicago: A solid, four-quarter performance might help people forget Jay Cutler’s NFC Championship no-show. Which would be good for him, but probably wouldn’t suffice to beat the Packers.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Kellen Winslow is listed as questionable.

The 8:20 game

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis: I’ll take “Matchups that looked so much better in March” for $400, Alex.

Monday night, 8:30

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo proved himself with a gutsy win last week. Will he do it again or will it be Rex Grossman’s turn?