View Photo Gallery: Going for a slightly sleeker look, the NFL has unveiled its new uniforms designed by Nike.

The NFL is unveiling its new Nike-designed uniforms today and there’s a lot of speculation about just how bold the league will go.

Will the designs be as audacious and rod-and-cone punishing as the ones Nike did for Oregon or as wild and historical as those produced by Under Armour for Maryland?

12:11 p.m.: The answer is ... no. All of the uniforms are now visible in team galleries on the Nike website. The Redskins’ gallery can be found here, the Baltimore Ravens’ here.

11:57 a.m.: Albert Breer tweets a photo of the rest of the uniforms and, unless you’re living in Seattle or avidly following the Seahawks, there might not be much of a dis­cern­ible difference. The collars are different, but everyone is still awaiting a closer look at the goods.

11:34 a.m. update: After lengthy introductory comments (and we do mean lengthy), Nike and the NFL got down to business. As expected, the Seattle Seahawks are pro football’s version of the Nike Oregon Ducks uniform that rocked college football. The Seahawks’ redesign appears to be the most rad of the lot, although the other 31 unis have yet to be unveiled. View gallery here. This is about as exciting as Al Capone’s vault, without Geraldo.

The Redskins’ look. (Seth Wenig / AP)

We’ll see for ourselves when the show takes off at 11 a.m. (EDT) in Brooklyn. This much is known already: Nike promised more “aggressive” designs, the Carolina Panthers’ logo already has been tweaked (one reported image of their new helmets is dramatically different) and the Seattle Seahawks may sport the biggest changes. (Nike debuted NFL gloves in January, before the Pro Bowl.)

The biggest difference in many of the unis may be in the content of the material. “I think this is more of a focus on performance,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday, “and trying to make sure the athletes on the field have that great quality, high performance gear.”

So don’t expect an Oregon Ducks homage. “Well, I think that's pretty unique,” Goodell said of the Ducks' uniforms. “So I think what we'll try to do is create our own look and try to create something that makes sense for our partners, including Nike.”

The new gear goes on sale April 26, opening night of the draft. T-shirts, caps and other new stuff is on sale now.

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