G.O.A.T.? (Elsa/Getty Images)

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is the latest owner to provide a questionable sound bite after he favorably compared his franchise quarterback, Tom Brady, to one of the all-time greats.

“I think that Tommy, with all due respect, is better than Joe Montana,” Kraft told NFL.com’s Albert Breer. “I know that’s a leap, but I really think he might already be the best of all time. I watch how involved he is, how driven he is. He’s like Belichick, he’s into the details. And he’s got a skill that makes him so special, he can process all of it so quickly. ... And then, he’s just got that quality. Certain people have that sincerity. He’s a very genuine guy. People can relate to him. People can trust him.”

Brady better than Montana? Really?

Craft (shown with Packers center Jeff Saturday) isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. (Rob Carr/GETTY IMAGES)

And as CBSSports.com’s Ryan Wilson points out, Brady has benefitted from rule changes — including one often referred to as “the Tom Brady rule” — designed to limit the contact quarterbacks absorb week to week.

Could Brady even hold up in Montana’s era?

Kraft certainly has reason to praise his quarterback, and this is a much more reasonable way to get into the news of the day than, say, using profanity to threaten some guy while helping his bikini-clad ladyfriend audition for an upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson movie.

It’s also more reasonable than rapping in a Papa John’s commercial or starting a war of words with the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Sorry, Jerry.

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