The New England Patriots have seemingly signed every defensive lineman available, including free-agent Andre Carter, as they prepare to make some changes in “how we align” and player “responsibilities,” according to Coach Bill Belichick.

One of them, though has been MIA.

It’s no surprise that that one person is Albert Haynesworth. He missed his third consecutive practice Monday (the team was off Sunday) and Belichick offered no explanation. Missing practices and camps is nothing new for Haynesworth, who typically has knee maintenance as he prepares for the season.

Carter, though, drew praise from Belichick, who elaborated (in his own way) about defensive changes he envisions for this season and what he sees in Carter that the Redskins didn’t..

“... Andre's a player that I spent a lot of time with prior to him coming out in the draft. Of course, he was five years in San Francisco and five years in Washington, but again I think he's another high-quality individual,” Belichick said, via “He's very professional, works hard and a very well conditioned athlete who has had a lot of production throughout his career.

“Last year, when Washington went to the 3-4 defense, it wasn't a good fit for him evidently in that system, but we feel like with what we'll be asking him to do this year, relative to what he was asked to do last year, what we've seen him do in the first nine years of his career that we can use his ability on the edge and he can be effective.”