Joe Paterno, last month. (Paul Beaty / AP)

Paterno, 84, suffered injuries to his right arm and hip when he was blindsided by a player running a drill. According to the school, he walked away from the collision and held a coaches’ meeting this morning via speaker phone from Mount Nittany Medical Center, where he was undergoing tests to determine the extent of his injuries.

“I expect to be back at practice soon. I'm doing fine; tell everyone not to worry about me,” Paterno said. “I like the effort I have seen from the squad during our first few practices, but we have a long way to go to get ready for the schedule we have.”

Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli, Penn State’s director of athletic medicine, said it does not appear that surgery will be needed.

The injury isn’t the first time Paterno has been hurt on the field. He broke his leg in 2006 after a collision in Wisconsin and coached the rest of the season from the press box. He hurt his hip demonstrating an onside kick in 2008.