Penn State officials will donate $1.5 million worth of bowl-game proceeds to two organizations that work to eliminate sexual violence.

Rodney Erickson, university president, promised the donation Thursday, after meeting to discuss the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal with concerned students Wednesday night.

Erickson said in an Associated Press interview that the Big Ten bowl revenue, which usually goes to the athletic department, will go to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Penn State is 9-3.

“This presents an excellent opportunity for Penn State to raise the national visibility of this issue,” Erickson said. “Our students and fans are focused on a cause to play for, to cheer for.”

The move, of course, comes in the wake of child sex-abuse charges filed against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. In the town-hall meeting, attended by over 400, students spoke of the shame they feel.


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