View Photo Gallery: Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts face a Thursday deadline for determining the quarterback’s future with the team. Here’s a look at Manning over the years.

The assessment comes from a proud father who happens to be an astute former NFL quarterback and it comes just before the future of Peyton Manning with the Indianapolis Colts will be determined.

“What I've seen, he certainly looks fine as far as throwing and velocity on the ball,” Archie Manning said Friday. “I did see him a couple of weeks ago; he was in New Orleans. I saw him throw and he looked like Peyton.

"He hasn't had any setbacks throwing. He's been throwing for two months and has four or five [months] to go before the season starts."

The March 8 deadline by which the Indianapolis Colts must pay Peyton Manning $28 million is bearing down and the quarterback’s father says he has no worries about the neck injury that caused his son to have multiple surgeries — and fusion last September. Archie Manning’s comments appear to be borne out by video of Peyton throwing that conveniently appeared on YouTube at about the same time.

“Peyton has probably, over the last couple of years, seen four of the top neurosurgeons in America. As a father, that's what I feel good about. He's been involved with the right people. One of them did the surgery. Now they cleared him to play. His neck is no different from any player out there. It's a danger to anyone. That's football. As a parent, we feel good [about] where he's at.”

Colts owner Jim Irsay ultimately will make the decision about whether Peyton Manning finishes his career in Indy and Archie Manning said the two share a relationship that “always will” be “special.” As the clock ticks, Peyton has been working out at Duke University with Coach David Cutliffe, who was Manning’s offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Tennessee, in south Florida and New Orleans.

“I think Peyton is just getting through this day-to-day,” Archie Manning said. “All Peyton knows to do is work. He understands the whole situation, and I think he knows all he can do is get his health back. He wants to play some more football and will be ready to play.'”

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