View Photo Gallery: Peyton Manning arrives at the Titans’ offices.

Peyton Manning’s Employment Tour of America took the quarterback to Tennessee.

Nashville looked a lot like Arizona. Which looked a lot like Denver. Which looked a lot like Miami. In each city, the scene is monotonously similar: Reporters and fans wait outside team headquarters. A car carrying Manning arrives. He gets out. He waves. He enters the building. Later, he comes out. He waves again. He gets into a car. He leaves.

Manning, released by the Indianapolis Colts last week, is weighing the merits of the Titans, Broncos, Cardinals and Dolphins as he decides where to play next. He visited with the Titans for eight hours Wednesday and, if owner Bud Adams has his way, Manning will be on board “for life,” which would hold perplexing salary-cap implications.

Adams said he “feels great” about his chances of signing Manning, who attended the University of Tennessee. Manning, who has had multiple neck surgeries, reportedly isn’t doing workouts for prospective teams, but Adams isn’t worried. “I’m only concerned how strong it is in September, when he starts the regular season,” Adams said.

The Tennessee legislature would like Manning to come to Nashville, as well, but that isn’t likely to speed his decision. Manning is taking his time, which isn’t going to help three of the four teams that are hoping to land him. CBS’s Mike Freeman quotes a source who says, “He's going to make a careful decision, but anyone who says they know what he's doing is wrong. No one knows.”

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