Miami Dolphins fans would like to see Peyton Manning as their quarterback. (Alan Diaz / AP)

Dolphins fans put up a billboard at the intersection of I-95 and I-595 in Fort Lauderdale to advertise and their campaign — although that picture of Manning in the turquoise and orange is a little jarring. (Probably not good to be traveling at high speeds the first time you spy that.)

The website’s pitch:

Be Part OF “The Movement” and Make History – BRING MANNING TO MIAMI – This site has been created to help influence Peyton Manning and the Miami Dolphins that "Manning to Miami" is a movement and marriage that the entire South Florida community is behind. Tell family, friends (even enemies), tell co-workers, business associates to cast their vote and make a difference in Bringing Manning to Miami.

One Super Bowl fan went smaller with her message. (Scott Halleran / Getty Images)

All of this is little more than a boost for the outdoor signage industry, though, until 1) Manning and owner Jim Irsay work out his future with the Indianapolis Colts as the March 8 deadline for his $28 million bonus fast approaches and 2) it is known that the nerve in Manning’s neck has regenerated and he is capable of playing somewhere, anywhere.

Hmmm...the Greater Washington D.C. metro area has miles and miles of highways (with tricky billboard laws, there’s still Metro cars and buses...) and the Redskins could use Peyton Manning ...

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