An artsy shot of Tiger Woods practicing today. (Andrew Redington / GETTY IMAGES)

Woods, speaking at a press conference before the PGA Championship, wasn’t about to toss gasoline on the flickering embers. “Sometimes we all need changes . . .,” he said, when asked if he had any regrets. “As I told you guys earlier, I was at peace with [the firing] and it was a direction I wanted to go. And that's it. All I can control is my life, and how I feel. And that's it.”

Woods was asked why Williams may have spoken out with comments he later admitted were “a little over the top.” “I'm not going to speculate on Steve. Those are obviously his feelings and his emotions, and his decision to say what he wants to.”

After Adam Scott won the Bridgestone Invitational on Sunday with Williams on the bag, Woods said he texted Williams but declined to say what they discussed or whether there have been any further communication. “That's between Stevie and myself.”

He did say of the victory: “I was happy to see Stevie and Adam win. Adam's been a friend of mine. Same with Stevie. I sent him a text. It was great to see them play as great as they did.”

Continuing in the same vein, Woods was asked what loyalty means to him: “I think it's trust developed over time.”

Was he surprised by Steve Williams’ comments?


As for Williams, he apologized on his website:

“There has been considerable debate following the comments I made at the conclusion of Sunday's Bridgestone Invitational. It was a complete surprise to have CBS announcer, David Feherty ask for an interview following the completion of play. My emotions following Adam's victory were running very high and at the time I felt like my emotions poured out and got the better of me. I apologize to my fellow caddies and professionals for failing to mention Adam's outstanding performance. I would like to thank all those fans at Firestone who made this victory the most special of my career.”