Can you hear Phil Mickelson now? (MATT SULLIVAN / Reuters)

Phil Mickelson pulled out of the Memorial last week because of “mental fatigue,” but “phone fatigue” may have been more accurate.

Mickelson, according to an ESPN report, texted PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem from the sixth fairway at Muirfield Village on Thursday to say that fans with cellphones were getting out of hand on the course.

Hey, the guy knows irons and irony.

Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler said that fans were taking so many photos with their phones that golfers had to back off their shots.

“Phil's a great player and a great champion, and it just took him out of his game. It's sad,” Watson said, via Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press. “It's sad that cellphones can make or break a championship.”

PGA rules allow fans to have cellphones, set to vibrate, on the course and can use them in designated areas. “Ever since they made that rule that cellphones are allowed,” Watson said, “it's just not fun playing.”

Police and Tour officials confiscated phones Friday — so perhaps Mickelson was sending a message that was received. “There were a few times when we had to back off and reset,” Fowler said. “You could see Phil was a little fatigued and was having trouble blocking it out a bit.”

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