Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins hauls in a touchdown pass before the disbelieving eyes of Corey Graham (21) of the Chicago Bears. (Kent Nishimura/GETTY IMAGES)

The best moment in the AFC’s 59-41 victory? Brandon Marshall’s deflected 47-yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton in the third quarter in Aloha Stadium in Hono­lulu. The TD — the third of Marshall’s fourth in the game — gave the AFC a 38-35 lead

“It was the most unathletic highlight I ever had,” Marshall said. “Andy put it up there for me to make a play. I saw the ball, got nervous, fell, saw the ball, kicked it up and it just fell in my hands.”

Same touchdown, different view. Corey Graham still can’t believe Brandon Marshall came up with the ball. (HUGH GENTRY / Reuters)

The ball just fell in my hands!! All glory to god. I promise it wasn’t me. Fins up! #probowlMon Jan 30 02:59:46 via webBrandon Marshall

“Down in Miami, getting a feel for different quarterbacks, had three or four of them throughout my two years there,” Marshall said in a sideline interview. Quarterbacks make it easier for me. These guys are putting it in the right places and I’m making plays. It’s easy right now.”

The Dolphins’ new head coach, Joe Philbin, formerly was the Green Bay Packers’ offensive coordinator, so there’s a natural connection with Flynn, who is likely to become a free agent. Marshall has reached out to Flynn and expects to do so with Manning, assuming he 1) can play and 2) is released by Indianapolis.

Marshall seemed to be making no secret of the fact that he wants a more accurate QB than Matt Moore. “Elite quarterbacks put [the ball] in the right spots,” Marshall said.