Champ Bailey has been named, again, to the Pro Bowl. (Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

It seems like Champ Bailey gets a trip to the Pro Bowl every year and, to hear him tell it, the tradition is one he can continue.

Bailey was named a Pro Bowl cornerback for the 11th time Tuesday night, joining Von Miller as a starter from the Denver Broncos’ defense. Elvis Dumervil was named as a backup but will start because New England Patriots defensive end Andre Carter is injured.

“What makes it special to me now is I’m in my 13th year, and you don’t see guys going to the Pro Bowl this late in their career,” Bailey said. “For me to be able to do it, it feels good, and it feels like I’ve got a lot more left.”

Bailey joined the Broncos in 2004 in a trade that sent him and a second-round draft pick (Tatum Bell) to Denver in exchange for running back Clinton Portis before the 2004 season. Bailey signed a seven-year deal after the trade and signed a four-year contract last February. Although he’s 33, he intends to continue making appearances in Hawaii.

“I just think it’s ... being healthy and my competitive nature. I thrive on these Sundays and it keeps me going. I don’t see it diminishing at all right now,” he said. “When I try to think about what’s coming after my career, I can’t even think that far because I feel like I have so much left.

“I’ll have to be real with myself at some point, but right now, I feel good, I feel healthy and I’ve been blessed to be healthy throughout my career.”

And Tim Tebow? He’s a second alternate for the Jan. 29 game. Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers finished ahead of him, but figure that at least one of those guys will be unavailable or will opt not to play.


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