Don’t expect to see this again. (Jim Rogash / GETTY IMAGES)

The New England Patriots wouldn’t seem to be one of those teams, what with the way Tom Brady sprayed 517 yards’ worth of passes around to eight different receivers, but you never know. So when Moss was spotted in Boston on Thursday, playing golf at Bungay Brook Golf Club in Bellingham, it was only natural to ask him whether he intended to play again for the Patriots.

“No, I’m done,” Moss told Ian Meropol, producer for the “Dennis and Callahan” show on WEEI, and Lyndon Byers, WAAF morning show co-host, in the golf course’s parking lot.

Even though just recently Brady said all the politically correct things about how he’d welcome Moss back “with open arms”?

“I’m just here golfing,” Moss said, “minding my business.”