Poor Sergio Ramos. Unaccustomed to using his hands, the Copa del Rey trophy slipped from his grasp during Real Madrid’s parade after its victory over Barcelona and landed under the bus, traditionally the landing spot for coaches and teammates.

The cup, which weighs 33 pounds, went right under the wheel. The results were not good.

“The cup fell, it fell,” Ramos said, according to Europa Press agency. “But the cup is okay.”

If, by okay, he means that the cup can be more widely enjoyed, since it’s in pieces, then, yes, it’s okay.

Buenos Dias a todos amig@s...!!!Lo de la copa fue un malentendido,no se cayo...salto ella cuando llego a Cibeles y vio tantos madridistas...less than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet ReplySergio Ramos

“It is not in good shape. Evidently, it was run over by a bus,” Marta Santisteban, a Real Madrid spokeswoman, told the Associated Press. “It has to be fixed.”

That didn’t take long. It has been repaired and polished and bears no traces of treadmarks. It’s already on display, according to Real Madrid.

Ramos’s explanation for dropping the cup, which Real Madrid had not won in 18 years? “The whole thing about the cup was a misunderstanding, it didn't fall ... it jumped off when it reached [Plaza de] Cibeles [the traditional celebrational spot] and saw so many Madrid fans,” Ramos tweeted, according to one translation. “Hahahaha ... but don't worry ... have a good day.”

(Shoutout and thanks to Lou.)