Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid ran over plenty of opponents en route to another Copa del Rey championship. Now they’re running over their own supporters. (DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

A golf cart carrying Real Madrid plowed into an over-eager fan on the campus of UCLA, proving once again that the Copa del Rey winners will run over just about anything.

Only three months after Sergio Ramos inexplicably dropped Madrid’s shiny new Copa del Rey trophy in front of a double-decker bus during their championship parade — and then watched the bus run over it — the team hit another, much larger, bump in the road.

The La Liga champions were on their way to a training session in advance of Saturday’s friendly against the Los Angeles Galaxy when a female fan flung herself toward a golf cart carrying several Madrid players.

You can probably guess what happened next.

From Dirty Tackle’s Brooks Peck:

“While the players were being transported around the campus, one female fan decided to bum-rush one of the moving carts. She apparently didn't consider the science of what happens when a person runs directly into a moving golf cart, because she got run over. The cart stopped momentarily before zooming off on its merry way.”

Has anyone ever been charged with a hit and run while driving a golf cart?

Note to crazed Real Madrid fans around the world: You might want to wait for an open practice session to get up close and personal with Cristiano Ronaldo and company. These guys don’t seem to have the best track record with automobiles.

Here’s what a double-decker bus running over a trophy looks like...