Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez walks off the field as the Orioles celebrate, even though their season is over. (John McDonnell / THE WASHINGTON POST)

“You can’t write that. That is beyond fiction. Nobody would believe any of that had you written it in a novel,” Maddon said in an ESPN interview, pretty much summarizing it better than anyone. “I mean, it’s beyond the natural stuff. How does that all happen — they lose and you win simultaneously? How are you down 7-zero and come back and do what we did? I normally like to attempt to say what I’m thinking. I have no idea what I’m thinking right now.”

(ESPN via

Or ... maybe it was that ESPN cover story on the Greatness of All Things Sports in Boston. (Hey, who’s the “loozah” now?)

Maybe it was Bill Buckner. The Sawx went 6-18 after the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode featuring the goat of the 1986 World Series aired Sept. 4. (You could look it up.)

(Boston Herald)

Whatever it is, it left Bostonians, like Dan Shaughnessy, who really jinxed the Sawx by saying during the rain delay that the team had the game locked up.

Truly unbelievable. This feels like revenge for 2004 and 2007. It is as if the baseball gods are punishing Red Sox Nation for hubris and arrogance and good times that seemed so good, so good, so good.

Yeah, well, okay. The Boston Herald hurts, too. It gulped and retracted that “Best Team Ever” matzo ball of a back page.

To all Red Sox fans age 33 & younger: this is what 1978 feels like. Minus the quaaludes and disco.Thu Sep 29 12:50:47 via WhoSayDenis Leary