You might be a redneck if this is how you celebrate your third anniversary (photo from 2011 Redneck Games). (AP)

(Watch video from the first annual Redneck Olympics in Maine, here.)

Curling — Toilet-seat horseshoes

Javelin — Watermelon seed spitting contest

Cycling — Lawnmower races

Weightlifting — Wife-carrying

High dive — Mudpit belly flop

It’s easy to see how one might confuse an official Olympics event with a Redneck Olympics event.

Well, the U.S. Olympic Committee doesn’t want to leave any room for doubt, which is why it is threatening legal action against Redneck Olympics organizer Harold Brooks just days after the conclusion of the inaugural competition in Hebron, Maine. (The Summer Redneck Games have been held annually in East Dublin, Ga., since 1996 and had the foresight to avoid using the word “Olympics” in their name.)

Brooks told the Sun Journal he received a phone call Monday from the USOC’s legal office, telling him he would face a lawsuit if he refused to change the name of his event.

(Video from the Sun Journal)

Brooks explained to the legal representative that “I’m not basing it on your Olympics, I’m basing it on the Olympics in Greece.”

Unfortunately for Brooks, the USOC has a history of protecting its exclusive rights to the name “Olympics” within U.S. borders. The USOC granted the Special Olympics special permission to use the word in its title in 1971, but has forced other sporting events and groups to drop the term from their names.

Unfortunately for the USOC, Brooks sounds willing to stick his neck out for his games.

“I’m going to refuse to not use that word,” he said.

Hey, whaddya say we settle this lil’ spat with a good ol’ bobbin’ for pigs feet contest?

(H/T SB Nation)