The hot rumor out of Denver — and two weeks before the NFL draft, there are plenty of those flying about — has the Broncos talking to teams, including the Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals, about swapping draft picks.

Until Mike Shanahan steps up and reveals the team’s plans (and he’d wear a pink tutu before he’d do that), this is all speculation, but that’s what makes the draft great. From Broncos Talk:

The bait I would think the Broncos are using for the second overall pick is Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert. There have been reports that Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Shanahan are big fans of the Mizz alumnus.

Peter King himself says, “And Gabbert will not get past Arizona.

Redskins fans may like Gabbert. I like Gabbert. But that doesn’t mean I’d make a move for him. So much needs fixing with the Redskins. Do you go for the quarterback, knowing that the offensive line is suspect? What about drafting a wide receiver, something that hasn’t been Shanahan’s strong suit? Some like the idea of taking a wide receiver, like Julio Jones, but a Twitter debate showed that most fans think the Redskins can ill afford a luxury pick at this point. (Maybe in 2012.)