Braylon Edwards (left) is not managing his free time well. (Tony Dejak/AP)

Last week Edwards avoided jail time for his drunk driving arrest in New York City in September, and in June he crashed his 2011 Audi on Detroit’s Belle Isle at 3:40 a.m.

Now Edwards is alleged to have been on hand at South Bar in Birmingham, Mich., when two members of his entourage got in a scuffle with employees.

According to a report on, The two individuals were arrested and one club staffer was reportedly cut with a kitchen knife, requiring 14 stitches.

Birmingham police apparently had no interaction with Edwards, however, a couple tweets trickled out of Edwards’ Twitter account around the time of the incident that indicate the wide receiver may have been near the incident.

Edwards reportedly tweeted “Dam. Get ya knuckles ready” and then “Don’t fight if. You don’t know how.”

Naturally Edwards deleted the tweets soon after and followed up with the old “my account got hacked” excuse.

Yo...Lost my phone last night someone sent tweets. Deleted them and changed my password. Sorry for the mishap hopefully never happens again!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyBraylon Edwards

Might I suggest heeding your own advice that you gleaned from reading Tolstoy?

(H/T Pro Football Talk)