Four former Auburn football players told HBO’s “Real Sports” that were given thousands of dollars in cash by boosters from a number of schools.

Chaz Ramsey, Troy Reddick, Stanley McClover and Raven Gray — none of whom played at Auburn more recently than 2007 — said they received money as part of a pay-for-play scheme, according to Sports by Brooks, which obtained an advance copy of tonight’s show .

“Somebody came to me, I don't even know this person and he was like, ‘we would love for you to come to LSU’ and he gave me a handshake and it had $500 in there,” McClover said (via ESPN). “That's called a money handshake ... I grabbed it and I'm like, 'wow.’ Hell, I thought $10 was a lot of money back then.”

McClover said he chose to attend Auburn after being given cash in a bookbag during his recruitment in 2003. He said that Michigan State and Ohio State boosters also arranged for money and other inducements, including sexual. He originally chose Ohio State, but switched to Auburn.

“I literally passed out. I couldn't believe it was true,” McClover said. “I felt like I owed them.”

Ramsey, an offensive guard, alleges in the interview that Auburn boosters gave him $300-$400 after each game and that a booster gave him spending money while he attended junior college.

”I'm not out to get anybody,” Ramsey said. “I want high school athletes to know what they're getting into.”