The NBA reportedly will investigate contact between Jay-Z, a part owner of the New Jersey Nets, and the University of Kentucky basketball team over the weekend in the latest collision of the worlds of celebrities and athletes.

There’s plenty of evidence of Jay-Z congratulating players in Kentucky’s locker room, which just happened to house a couple of possible lottery picks in Brandon Knight and Terrance Jones, after the Wildcats advanced to the Final Four. Jersey traded its lottery pick, you say? Well, Kentucky does have other players ...

“I said, ‘Oh that's Jay-Z!’ ” Jones said. “We all gave him a handshake and he came in the locker room, and we just kept screaming ‘Jay-Z in the locker room!’ He congratulated us, just said he was proud of us.”

There’s a precedent for such an investigation — and a possible fine since team personnel are not allowed contact with college players until they enter the NBA Draft. Just ask Danny Ainge. The Boston Celtics’ general manager sat with the mother of Kevin Durant during the Big 12 tournament in 2007 and ended up paying $30,000 for the seat. That would seem to mean, as Ken Berger points out, that Jay-Z should be docked $60,000.