Updated with Amendola’s comments to the Associated Press.

One of the two new cases of alleged sexual abuse by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was made by a family member, Sandusky’s attorney told the Harrisburg Patriot-News.

Attorney Joe Amendola said that the allegation stems from difficulties within the child's immediate family and allegedly occurred before Sandusky’s Nov. 4 arrest and within the last 60 days. It did not come to the attention of authorities until after he was charged.

Amendola denied the allegations and said in a phone interview with the Associated Press:

“That doesn’t surprise me, because we believe there would be a number of copycat allegations, people who really maybe not even had direct contact with Jerry but ... try to jump on the bandwagon.”

The investigation of the new allegations is only beginning.

“We’ll defend those if and when they become charges,” Amendola said. “We’ll defend those just like we’re defending the other charges.”

The new allegations are being investigated by Children and Youth Services because the alleged victims are under the age of 18. The Patriot-News said it was withholding the child's relationship to Sandusky in order to to shield the child.

Sandusky, 67, and his wife have adopted six children and have taken in foster children over the years.

Amendola also discussed Sandusky’s defense, saying of the allegations, “the biggest one we’ve decided to attack first.” That’s the grand jury testimony by Mike McQueary, who said that, as a graduate assistant in 2002, he saw Sandusky raping a boy in the locker room showers.

According to Amendola, a man who told him that he might be the alleged victim talked to the lawyer after the grand jury report was released. “He says Jerry didn’t do anything sexually to him, not only that night but any other night, so we’re attacking that one first,” Amendola said.


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