The New York Jets have hired Tom Moore, the Indianapolis Colts’ former offensive coordinator, as a consultant.

“[Coach] Rex [Ryan] and I go way back,” Moore told the New York Post. “We’ve had some great games against each other. I just have so much respect for Rex and his staff and the organization. When he made the offer, I couldn’t refuse it.”

Moore, 72, ran the Colts’ offense for 12 years. You’ll recall that he had some success with Peyton Manning; he’ll work with Mark Sanchez and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Moore retired two years ago, when the NFL changed the coaches’ pension plan. He returned for Colts’ trip to the Super Bowl — they lost to New Orleans — then retired to become a consultant to the team.

“I want to keep involved in the game,” he said. “I’m 72 years young. I want to keep involved. This gives me a chance. I have such great respect for Rex and his staff and the organization. It’s great.”

According to the Post, the Baltimore Ravens also were interested in Moore.