For idle NBA stars trying to keep their games fresh during the lockout, playing overseas is a tantalizing option.

It’s all well and good until someone gets hurt.

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley was playing on a tour through China when he reportedly injured his wrist. And from the sounds of the tweets and articles coming across the Pacific, the wrist could be broken.

Beasley was working on a strong 32-point outing alongside teammate Paul Pierce when the injury occurred.

Report:Michael Beasley suffered wrist injury in Sunday night at China Championships,had to get wrist re-examined, possible wrist break.Mon Aug 29 06:39:17 via webrijay

Assuming Beasley’s wrist is broken as appears to be the case, the lockout rolls on as long as many expect, cancelling the 2010-2011 season altogether, Beasley will have plenty of time to rest up and enjoy other recreational activities. But if things get resolved over the next couple months, he would almost certainly miss time.

If NBA team officials could contact their players, right now they would be begging them to stay home this fall.

(H/T Pro Basketball Talk)