Mike D’Antoni has resigned as coach of the New York Knicks. (JESSICA RINALDI / AP)

With his team winless in six March games after a 10-5 run during the Lin-sanity of February, D’Antoni and the 18-24 Knicks had “conflicting visions of the club’s future ... and [reached a ] mutual decision [that he would] no longer coach,” according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnaroski.

ESPN reported that the Knicks had been tuning D’Antoni out and questioning Carmelo Anthony’s commitment to New York. Earlier Wednesday, Anthony denied a New York Post report that he wanted to be traded. “No, no, no, no,” Anthony said of rumors that he wanted to be traded. Let's nip this in the bud right now. No.”

Anthony also said he had no problems with D’Antoni, adding that he supported the coach “100 percent.”

“I don't know where that came from,” Anthony said of the Post report after the morning shootaround. “I'm tired of hearing it. It came out this morning from I guess an anonymous source. I'm tired of anonymous sources. I don't want to be traded. I don't know where that foolishness came from, so let's put a cap on that and make this the last time I hear about that.”

Which is nice, but the Garden must be a complete mess for D’Antoni to up and quit like this. Assistant coach Mike Woodson will coach the team, which plays Portland tonight in New York, on an interim basis.

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