The New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers will play in the Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, according to a report.

There’ll be a wrinkle this year, though, according to the report. The game would be played on Jan. 2 rather than New Year’s Day, which falls on a Sunday. The NHL apparently will make way for the NFL — assuming, of course, that there is an NFL season. On Week 17, the Eagles are scheduled to play a home game.

Wouldn’t you rather see the Winter Classic on Jan. 1, a nice niche for it? I understand that Jan. 2 will be a holiday for nearly everyone, but the WC won’t feel the same, will it? It’s not as if NBC carries NFL day games on Sundays and, unless there’s a clause in its NFL package that limits its content, why not keep the WC on Jan. 1 as an alternative, particularly since only a handful of games matter on the last weekend of the NFL’s regular season? Move it back to its afternoon start, which was better anyway.

Peter Luukko, president of Comcast-Spectacor, the Flyers’ parent company, said he was waiting for confirmation from the league.