The puncture in the lung of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has healed, an important development if he is to play Monday night against the Washington Redskins.

A CT scan Thursday revealed that the puncture, which was small, had closed. Romo observed practice Thursday and is not likely to practice today, ESPN reports, because he would require a painkiller for his fractured rib. If he plays Monday against the Washington Redskins, no doubt he will get an injection and will wear special protective padding.

“Tony certainly had his examination [Thursday] and everything is on go as we would hoped it would be and expected it to be relative to his lung status,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on “NFL32” on Thursday.

“That still doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to play Monday night, but still that’s on go.”

Backup Jon Kitna was a little more direct Thursday, saying, “I fully expect him to play.”