(Larry French / Getty Images)

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is expected to miss Sunday’s game against Cincinnati.

The Carroll County Times reports that Lewis, suffered a toe injury in the Ravens’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks, could miss more games. Lewis, 36, missed practice Wednesday and Thursday and and was examined by a specialist in South Florida.

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh didn’t dispute the report, but said it was too early to tell whether he’d play.

“Ray is Ray. You can't count Ray out,” Harbaugh said. “There could be reports out there and you guys could turn over some rocks and figure out and ask, and think you have something, and you might have something. But you might not. We're talking about Ray. We'll find out on Sunday really.

“Ray has had shoulders dislocated and he's done 35 push-ups on the sidelines to prove that he can go. He's had hamstrings that have torn off the bone because he went ahead [and played] when he should have been gone. I've been updated on some of his history. That's Ray Lewis.”

Lewis, who hasn’t missed a game since 2007, leads the team with 68 tackles and has had two sacks and an interception and has forced two fumbles. He has started 57 consecutive regular-season games.

Harbaugh disputed the idea that the injury might be career-threatening. “Ray may not go, he may go. The Bengals will have to prepare for him either way so it really don't matter. It's something that he could play with possibly, but we are very confident in our linebackers and we're very confident in our defense,” Harbaugh said. “You go out there as a defense is what you do. We've had plenty of injuries all year. We've had lots of guys hurt throughout the course of the year and we'll play with the guys that we have. We have a very good group, we have a very good defense and we'll play well.”