Stevie Johnson mocks Plaxico Burress. (Bill Kostroun/AP)

That’s the amount the Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver has been fined by the NFL for a touchdown celebration Sunday in which he mimed shooting himself in the leg. (Watch video here.) He was mocking Burress, the New York Jets’ wide receiver who served time in prison for shooting himself in a New York nightclub in 2008.

The Associated Press first reported the fine, which was confirmed by other outlets.

Johnson's little celebration came after the Bills had taken a 14-7 lead with 2:06 left in the first half. After he pretended to shoot himself in the thigh, he then imitated a jet in flight — another dig at the Jets — and crashed to the turf. The Bills were penalized 15 yards and messed up a squib kick on the ensuing kickoff. The Jets went on to score.

As for Johnson and Burress, it’s all good after they texted one another.

“I don't look at him as any less than he was before. And I don't want everybody to say he's a bad guy because he made a mistake. I've made a few in my life,” Burress said on ESPN radio. “I have a lot of respect for him as a player. And I think he's going to rebound from that.”

Johnson was widely criticized for his creativity and discussed his poor decision with his coach, Chan Gailey.

“He was telling me I have to be smarter. I've got to be more aware of the situations and rules,” Johnson said. “I'll listen to every word that he says. That's my coach.”

Johnson was fined twice for a total of $15,000 last year, including $10,000 for impersonating a New England Patriots’ Minuteman by pretending shoot a rifle and falling to the ground after a touchdown.

The Bills lost that game, too.