View Photo Gallery: Gerald Warren and Rob Ninkovich met at the quarterback Saturday night and the result was an aching chest for Tim Tebow. (Al Bello | Getty Images)

Tim Tebow suffered a chest injury Saturday night as Tebow Time, and the Denver Broncos’ playoff run, ended with a 45-10 crushing by the New England Patriots.

As he was hit in the pocket after throwing the ball, Tebow tore rib cartilage at the spot at which it attaches to his sternum and bruised his lung, an NFL source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. That caused fluid to build up in the pleural cavity, but Tebow finished the game. (He completed 9 of 26 passes and was sacked four times.)

Tim Tebow, sacked yet again Saturday night. (Elsa / Getty Images)

Elsewhere in Everybody Wants to Live in Tebowland, Tebow’s reps turned down an offer from CBS to join the Sunday studio crew analyzing the AFC Championship game. Nor will he be part of the Dream Pairing with Tiger Woods at the AT&T National Pro-Am next month. Instead, Woods will be paired with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who played through the same sort of injury Tebow suffered during the regular season.

Will he also say no to Karina Smirnoff, who invited him to be her “Dancing with the Stars” partner? “He can run, jump, pass, throw touchdowns,” she told “All [that] is missing is to see if he has the dance skills. That would make him an all around athlete and someone that I would love to dance with on the show.”

First, he has to work on that running, jumping, passing and throwing touchdowns thing. On Monday, he received a tepid endorsement from John Elway and John Fox. On Tuesday, Tebow reflected on just how far he has come and how far he still has to go, saying he intends to spend more of his offseason in Denver as he works with Elway. He laughed about how, in the second week of the season, injuries forced him to play out of position, way back when Kyle Orton was the starting QB.

“I was looking back the other day,” Tebow said (via the Denver Post), “and to think that just 17 weeks ago I was playing receiver.”



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