Tom Brady, with armband and teammates, celebrates a touchdown Nov. 13. (Nick Laham / Getty Images)

Brady, sources told the Boston Globe, suffered the bruise when he was hit during the game against the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 16. The injury is minor, the Globe reports.

“It could very well get better before the end of the season,” athletic trainer Mike Ludwikowski of Susquehanna Health in Williamsport, Pa., told the Globe. “It’s definitely manageable. I’m sure the trainers are doing stretching and icing.’’

Brady, whose team plays the Kansas City Chiefs tonight on “Monday Night Football,” has worn a black band below his elbow at times since.

“If he’s wearing the band, it could be he has a little inflammation or tendinitis,’’ Ludwikowski said. “For a quarterback it’s usually more extensor tendinitis because that’s how you deliver the football.

“It could affect his release because the triceps tendon attaches right there, you have all your forearm muscles there, your extensors and flexors to hold a football. If you get a bone bruise, he’d accommodate his release a little bit to accommodate the bone bruise.

“Sometimes you wear the band because it feels good, and if it feels good, you’re going to play better.’’