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LeBron James’ mother, Gloria, was arrested in Miami Beach early this morning after an incident involving a valet at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

Sorel Rockfeller, a parking attendant, claimed that, shortly before 5 a.m., James assaulted him because it was taking too long for her car to be delivered. James, who had been out with friends, and the driver of the car were “initially uncooperative with the investigating officer,” police said (via the Miami Herald). James, 42, was arrested and charged with simple battery and disorderly intoxication.

James was asked about the incident after Heat practice and told The Post’s Amy Shipley: “It’s a sensitive subject. It’s a personal matter. It’s being taken care of. She’s fine. You have to move forward. It’s my life. There are certain things you’ve got to deal with. ... I try not to let it be a distraction.”

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LeBron James’ mother, Gloria, reportedly was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge after an incident involving a parking valet at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach this morning.

Radar Online reports that she was taken intocustody at 4:57 a.m. and, as of 9:40 a.m., she was being questioned at police headquarters. WPLG reported that she was expected to be charged with misdemeanor assault, then released on her own recognizance.

In 2006, she was sentenced to three days in an Ohio driving intervention program and fined after she pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of drunken driving and disorderly conduct.

It’s been a busy week in LeBron World. His animated web series, “The LeBrons,” debuted, he managed to put aside his love of the New York Yankees long enough to sign a deal with the company that owns the Boston Red Sox and the Miami Heat lost to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night.