Representatives for the NFL Players Association and the NFL reached agreement on the terms of a labor deal that would end the four-month lockout of players very early Monday morning, according to multiple reports.

It had been expected that an agreement would be reached today, according to Mark Maske, but Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported just before 4 a.m. that the 10-year deal had been approved by the executive committee. also confirmed Glazer’s report, as did ESPN, citing sources within the NFL and NFLPA. Player representatives for each of the 32 teams will vote and then a majority of the league’s nearly 2,000 players must vote to approve the deal. It’s worth noting that a labor agreement recommended by the player executive committee has never been rejected by players.

Although details of the agreement are not certain, some reports indicate that teams would be able to begin negotiating with free agents and signing draft picks and rookie free agents as early as Tuesday. Full free agency — fasten your seat belts — would begin at 6 p.m. Friday. Training camps, according to Maske, would open Wednesday for 10 teams, Thursday for 10 teams, Friday for another 10 and Sunday for two.

“I want you guys to be prepared for the possibility of this week being very crazy,” Domonique Foxworth told Baltimore Ravens players in an email obtained by the Carroll County Times.

After 130 days of lockout doldrums, everybody can live with that.