Actor Rob Lowe took an otherwise quiet afternoon and brought jokes and panic and journalism to a fever pitch with one simple tweet:

Hearing my fave, #18 Peyton Manning will not return to #NFL. Wow. #ColtsWed Jan 18 20:15:01 via Twitter for iPhoneRob Lowe

The tweet sent reporters scurrying because of Lowe’s connection to the Indianapolis Colts, owner Jim Irsay (who was, oddly for him, maintaining Twitter silence) and Manning.

Then, Archie Manning’s father put an end to all the St. Elmo’s and ”West Wing” jokes and Ally Sheedy snark and “lit-rally” references and “#RobLowereports” as a trending topic with a comment to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen:

“Noooo...he ain’t retiring,” Manning said. “I think he would’ve told me.”

@richeisen My people are saying Manning will retire today. What do you hear? #NFLWed Jan 18 20:17:22 via Twitter for iPhoneRob Lowe

#Colts fans, let’s hope my info is wrong. Don’t like being wrong, but this time... I’m hoping #NFL #ManningWed Jan 18 20:24:20 via Twitter for iPhoneRob Lowe

Well, someday it’ll be true.


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