The St. Louis Rams figured Robert Quinn wasn’t much of a risk.

“He’s the furthest thing from a criminal, thug, bad kid,” Rams General Manager Billy Devaney said. “Nothing like that at all. He made a rookie mistake, a dumb college mistake and he paid the price for it.”

Quinn and two other North Carolina player were kicked off the team last fall for receiving improper benefits totaling over $5,000.

“I was upfront with [the Rams],” Quinn, who was declared permanently ineligible after his junior year, said. “I just told them what happened. They declared me ineligible and I had to come out [for the draft].”

Quinn, according to the NCAA, accepted diamond watches, earrings and travel accommodations to Miami for benefits worth $5,642, and lied to investigators.

Marvin Austin, a Tar Heels teammate who was also dismissed and considered to be a first-rounder, is still on the board after the first day of the draft.