The Detroit Lions really did make a trade for Ronnie Brown, even though the running back wasn’t on the field when his new team began individual practice Wednesday.

Running back Jahvid Best was not present, either, because he is recovering from his second concussion of the season. That injury prompted the Lions to send Jerome Harrison and a draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for Brown on Tuesday.

Coach Jim Schwartz seemed to confirm that there was no snag with the Brown deal, though. “He brings a lot of value to the team so we’re excited about getting him and getting him on the field as quick as we can,” Schwartz said.

Not that quickly, although Brown did sound excited about the trade that sent him from the so-called dream team to Detroit.

“I’m familiar with Jahvid and what he’s been able to do,” Brown said Tuesday. “I think he’s a talented guy and look forward to working with him. And I just feel like there is an opportunity [to] be a part of something. They’re obviously on the right track at 5-1 and I think they have tremendous goals and I have the same type of goals for myself so I feel like everything just worked out and we’ll see what happens.”