What will Ryan Braun say for himself on Saturday night when he accepts the NL MVP award? (Pool/Reuters)

And according to his spokesman, the Milwaukee Brewers’ All-Star outfielder will address the audience with a short speech.

“He will be there and he will accept his award,” Matthew Hiltzik told the New York Times.

It will be Braun’s first public appearance since Dec. 10 when news broke that he tested positive for a performance enhancing drug during Milwaukee’s memorable run to the NLCS. He faces a 50-game suspension, which he is currently appealing.

Last month, Braun was outspoken in his claim that the test was inaccurate, telling USA Today the result was “B.S.” More than a week after the positive test became public knowledge, TMZ reported that Braun’s positive test was a result of medication he was taking for “a private medical issue.”

The BBWAA said it has no intention of stripping Braun of the MVP award and giving it to runner-up Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers. When Braun was named MVP on Nov. 22, he praised Kemp’s 2011 performance during an emotional series of interviews.

“He had one of the greatest seasons in Dodgers history,” Braun said. ”If he had won, I couldn’t have argued with it.”

Braun will state his case before a three-member panel, likely later this month. If the suspension is upheld, it would not prevent him from attending spring training with the team.

Expect all eyes to be on Braun on Saturday night as fellow players, fans and the writers who selected him for the honor anxiously await his acceptance remarks.

What do you expect him to say? Will he address the positive test and impending suspension? Will he avoid it entirely? How will he be received by the audience?

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