Here’s an interesting fact about the Redskins’ first-round draft pick, Ryan Kerrigan: He has a severe loss of hearing in his left ear.

“I feel pretty normal with it,” Kerrigan told’s Sarah Schorno Kogod. “It’s only when someone is directly on my left that I have a hard time with it. Other than that, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Kerrigan’s hearing loss was discovered when he was 8 and was caused by ear infections. He told Kogod he hasn’t really discussed the issue with the Redskins because of the lockout, but that it shouldn’t be a big surprise. It hasn’t held Kerrigan back; he called defensive plays at Purdue.

“I addressed it at the combine and it hasn’t hindered my performance,” he said. “I’m sure the team knows, but we haven’t really talked about it.”

Hearing loss hasn’t been a problem for safety Reed Doughty, who has dealt with it for years.