(Seth Perlman / AP)

Since suffering the injury when his hand struck a defensive player as he was passing, Bradford has been wearing a special glove that increases blood flow and reduces swelling. The glove is embedded with electrodes and is moistened, then connected to an electrical stimulation unit.

His finger, Bradford said via the Associated Press, feels “10 times better” than it did Monday, with the injury somewhat reminiscent of one suffered by Kurt Warner when he was with the Rams. “I wouldn’t have come out of the game [photo] if it wasn’t serious,” Bradford said. “I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t move it, I really was concerned.”

Bradford, who said he made all the throws in practice and is ahead of schedule in his recovery, gets an extra day in which to heal, with the Rams playing the Giants in New York on Monday night.

“It'd be the understatement of the year to say that it was a relief,” Coach Steve Spagnuolo told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I think the whole football team, everybody feels that way. We all know how we feel about the quarterback on any team because it's an important position, and we know what Sam means to ours.”