Serena Williams wowed the crowd at the ESPYs slurpapaloozafest Wednesday night, but let’s stick to sports, shall we? She’s a great tennis champion. In fact, people, she was given an award for that very thing.

Sure, it’s an ESPY.

And, sure, she’s played in all of two tournaments since she won Wimbledon in 2010, then had foot surgery and blood clots in her lung. But the discerning people at the ESPYs deemed her the best female tennis player — over Kim Clijsters, Li Na, and Caroline Wozniacki.

Perhaps their point is that she’s back wielding a racket again. She’s playing for the Washington Kastles is scheduled to play in three more tournaments before the U.S. Open.

Or, perhaps, they knew she’d put on her sparkly Christian Louboutins and a little something in pink.

Rafael Nadal was deemed the best men’s tennis player — hello? Novak Djokovic, anyone? And the only thing that could have topped Serena’s outfit would have been if he’d walked on stage and removed his shirt.

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